Silviya Deshkova
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Levels of Transperancy

Wet plate collodion, tintype, 13х18 sm


There are too many questions about photographic transparency that go beyond formal analysis. Are all of us capable of seeing transparency or many observers just note that pictures look “realistic”? How do we experience the transparency of the photographic medium? Going further into photographic technique and processes I wanted to empirically check and see if large format camera and silver emulsion increase the transparency and penetrates the object or the person in front in a specific way.

Collodion process is extremely delicate, the unavoidable defects are part of its specifics, which bring uniqueness to each photo. The emergence and immersion of the image is very essential for the collodion. In the process of developing and fixing the image seems as if moving in a thick layer of emulsion. Inspired by these essentials I started to take portraits with insignificant imperfections and right after I take another one, “disturbed” with intentional chemical interventions, stopping the process of emergence of clear image or transforming it.